Photo Collage Editor


Create fun collages using your photos


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Photo Collage Editor is a photo-editing tool that lets you create fun collages using your pictures, allowing you to add tons of details such as text, stickers, and frames.

The first thing you have to do when using Photo Collage Editor is choose the design you want for your collage. You'll have dozens of different options available, ranging from using just one picture to over a dozen. Best of all, in any case, is that you'll have over 60 different types of collages.

Once you’ve selected the pattern you want to use, you can start editing your photo composition. You'll find tons of different frames available which you can alter in many different ways in order to customize your collage. Frames, however, are only the beginning.

The most fun thing on Photo Collage Editor are the stickers you can put onto your pictures, thus letting you add sunglasses, hats, and other accessories to your pictures. These stickers can be moved and altered any way you want.

Photo Collage Editor is a very simple but entertaining photo editing tool that gives very nice-looking results in very little time.

Requires Android 3.2 or above

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